Balmain's Community Gym

Instructor - Elaina Lentini

Elaina Lentini

Elaina Lentini

Fitness Instructor, Group Instructor, Personal Trainer
Come join one of my classes, full of fun and hard work! Looking forward to meeting you all.

About Elaina

My fitness journey started at two and a half years old, where I began my passion for ballet. I’ve been in love with sports my whole life, becoming a blackbelt in martial arts at the age of 14, dancing 24 hours a week during my teen years and participating in little athletics competition. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by highly motivated individuals who cared about their health, which influenced me to take care of my own. Fitness is not just about achieving physical goals, it can help you be more productive during the day, increase energy levels and improve mood! I have a big desire to motivate people to achieve their goals and help create sustainable healthy habits. My love for fitness and health has also led me to study a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in physiotherapy at the University of Sydney.